Terms and Conditions

Payment & Rebooking

  1. Once booked on a course, you agree by these terms & conditions.
  2. Booking a course or lessons can be done over the phone or via our contact form.
  3. If you're booking an Annual Program, you must pay for the remainder of that course. i.e., if you join in week six (of a 11week term) you have to pay for the remanding weeks then you can proceed with the next course.
  4. You can join onto a course at any time. To secure your place on one of our courses, you must pay the remainder of that course.
  5. If re-booking a course, all payments must be in before the course commences. There will be a penalty charge of one lesson for admin fees if you fail to pay before your new course starts.
  6. Clients on a 2:1 course who's partner doesn't return for the new term will be asked to pay the full 1:1 lesson fee, unless a partner is found by Kick Start or yourself. Kick Start holds no responsibility in finding a new partner.
  7. If we have held lessons for you and you're looking to return, you must pay for any remanding lessons before starting.
  8. Kick Start Swim School may update the Terms and Conditions at any point without prior notice. You may view our terms and conditions at any time at www.kickstartswimschool.com


  1. All our teachers have the following:
    • Enhance CRB
    • Public Liberty Insurance
    • First Aid Certificate
    • Rescue Test
  2. It is at our discretion to move teachers around.
  3. If a teacher is unable to attend your lesson for whatever reason and we are unable to find a cover teacher, you will be issued a credit for that lesson, to be used at the end of the term.

Pool Side

  1. All parents / guardians must wear pool side shoe covers, if sitting on the pool side.
  2. If not sitting on pool side, you must be within the facility in case you are needed.
  3. You must only enter the pool once; your teacher is ready for you. (Unless a member of the facility)
  4. Once your lesson is over you must leave the pool area immediately. (Unless a member of the facility)
  5. No one is allowed to change on pool side or the lounge area.

Missed Lesson's & Credit's

  1. If you have miss a lesson, you will be given ONE CREDIT LESSON per course you book.
  2. If you have missed your lesson due to a medical reason, you may send us a copy of your doctors certificate and we will try to fit you into the next available space.
  3. Doctor's certificates are only held for a maximum of 16 days.
  4. Credits can be used to discount a further course.
  5. Credits are held for a maximum of 6 months

Holding & Cancelling

  1. If your unable to start your course at the beginning due to a medical reason, then you may contact us by email with a copy of your Doctor's certificate. All lesson will then be held for you, but this does not mean your time / day will be available once your return. 
  2. If Kick Start has to cancel your lesson for any reason, you will be notified and you will be issued a credit for that lesson, to be used at the end of the term.
  3. If you have booked Fast Track lessons over half term or the summer holidays and cannot make them for whatever reason. These lessons are then forfeited.
  4. Once you have paid for a course and for what ever reason you need to cancel our policy is as follows:

  5. 2 weeks notice

    • You will get a full refund

    1-2 weeks notice

    • Cost of 2 lesson will be charged and the rest will be refunded to you

    1 week or less notice

    • No refund will be given.
    • For those on an annual program you may after 6-months cancel and get the remanding 6 months back as a refund.

Half Terms & Summer Holidays

  1. Fast Track lessons only run over these two period's. They are for anyone who wishes to have intensive swimming lessons.
  2. There is a minimum booking of two lessons per week.


  1. If you have been given a discount towards a course, this must be used within the 6 months of issue.

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